Sierra Forester is a Texas based artist with an emphasis in installation, drawing, sculpture, and ceramics. In her work, Forester addresses themes of human existentialism, perseverance, and exploration. As an artist, Forester works with the understanding that she will never find the answers to the questions we pose. However, the sisyphean approach to search for clues to a riddle made entirely of human construct is the driving force behind the studio. Existing between context and content, the work produced is bound in the ongoing dialogue of attempting to discover what may not be present.

Forester’s studio research is primarily conducted through walking and looking intently at their environment with an acute and curious eye. Parallels can be drawn between the material within our environment and the context of our own existence. A shimmering polypropylene wrapper found on a street curb from an undoubtedly delicious treat may be small and insignificant, but only as small and insignificant as our own existence in the grander universe. Conversely, if we can find value in our arguably meaningless existence, just maybe we can find greater meaning, or potential answers, in the debris that sheds from our day to day presence.

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